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Posted 5 May 2012

The Mental Health and Substance Abuse Division of the Department of State Health Services (DSHS) is holding its first statewide poster, writing, and video contest for children/youth to promote Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week May 6th-12th, 2012. The top three places in each category will be recognized on National Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day, May 9th, 2012. Winners will be displayed at the Texas Capitol during Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week and will be posted on the DSHS 2012 Green Ribbon website, www.dshs.state.tx.us/mhsa/greenribbon.

There will be awards for the top three places in each contest category (poster, writing, and video) for each grade level category. The grade level categories are as follows:

Elementary School (K-5th grade)
Middle School (6th-8th grade)
High School (9th-12th grade)
For complete information, including contest guidelines, submission requirements, and deadline, please visit http://www.dshs.state.tx.us/mhsa/greenribbon/.

Posted 6 May 2011

Public comment sought on proposed DSM-V


       The fifth edition of Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5) will be published in May 2013.  As part of the development process, the preliminary draft revisions to the current diagnostic criteria for psychiatric diagnoses are now available for public review.
       The American Psychiatric Association is asking visitors to review and comment on the
proposed DSM-5 organizational structure and criteria changes. Please note that the current
commenting period will end on June 15, 2011.
       It is important to remember that the proposed structure featured here is only a draft
Neurodevelopmental Disorders
Schizophrenia Spectrum and Other Psychotic Disorders
Bipolar and Related Disorders
Depressive Disorders
Anxiety Disorders
Obsessive-Compulsive and Related Disorders
Trauma and Stressor Related Disorders
Dissociative Disorders
Somatic Symptom Disorders
Feeding and Eating Disorders
Elimination Disorders
Sleep-Wake Disorders
Sexual Dysfunctions
Gender Dysphoria
Disruptive, Impulse Control, and Conduct Disorders
Substance Use and Addictive Disorders
Neurocognitive Disorders
Personality Disorders
Other Disorders

24 August 2009

Medicaid has passed new rules that will allow reimbursement for LPAs

They took effect Sept. 1, 2009.  [Deleted wording is lined through; added wording is underlined] 
We have put the wording relating to LPAs is in red.

We applaud the HHSC for taking this action, but we think the problems are obvious.

The Texas Administrative Code (TAC) will reflect these changes when they take effect on Sept. 1.

The proposed amendment affects Texas Human Resources Code Chapter32, and Texas Government Code Chapter 531. No other statutes, articles,or codes are affected by this proposal.

§354.1281.Benefits and Limitations.

(a) Subject to the specifications, conditions, requirements,and limitations established by the Texas Health and Human ServicesCommission (HHSC) or its designee, psychological counseling and services[provided by a licensed psychologist] are covered.[if the services:]

[(1) are within the psychologist'sscope of practice, as defined by state law; and]

[(2) would be covered bythe Texas Medical Assistance Program when they are provided by a licensedphysician (MD or DO).]

(b) To qualify for reimbursement the services must be provided by a:
(1) Licensed psychologist when the following conditions are met:
(A) The services are within the psychologist'sscope of practice, as defined by state law; and
(B) The services would be covered by theTexas Medical Assistance Program when they are provided by a licensedphysician (MD or DO).
       (2) Licensed psychological associate (LPA)when the following conditions are met:
(A) The services are performed under thedirect supervision of a licensed psychologist. The supervising psychologist must be in the same office, building, or facility when and where the service is provided and must be immediately available to furnish assistance and direction; and
               (B) The LPA performing the service must be an employee of either the licensed psychologist or the legal entity that employs the licensed psychologist.
(c) [(b)] To be payable, the services must be reasonable and medically [psychologically] necessary as determined by HHSC [or its designee].[(c) The Texas Medical Assistance Program does not reimburse for the services of a psychological assistant working under the direction of a licensed psychologist.] 
(d) Covered services provided by an LPA must be billed under the Texas Medical Assistance Program provider number of the supervising psychologist or the legal entity employing the supervising psychologist.
[(d)] Licensed psychologists who are employed by or remunerated by a physician, hospital, facility,or other provider may not bill the Texas Medical Assistance Program directly for psychologists' services if that billing would resultin duplicate payment for the same services. If the services are covered and reimbursable by the program, payment may be made to the physician,hospital, or other provider (if approved for participation in the Texas Medical Assistance Program) who employs or reimburses the licensed psychologist. The basis and amount of Medicaid reimbursement depends on the services actually provided, who provided the services, and the reimbursement methodology utilized by the Texas Medical Assistance Program as appropriate for the services and provider(s) involved.
This agency hereby certifies that the proposal has been reviewed by legal counsel and found to be within the agency's legal authority to adopt.

The proposed amendment affects Texas Human Resources Code Chapter32, and Texas Government Code Chapter 531, Subchapter J, Division 5 General Administration.
§355.8081. Payments for Laboratory and X-ray Services, Radiation Therapy, Physical Therapists' Services, Physician Services, Podiatry Services, Chiropractic Services, Optometric Services, Ambulance Services, Dentists' Services, and Psychologists' Services

(c)Reimbursement for services provided by a licensed psychologist is described in§355.8085 of this title. Reimbursement for services provided by a licensed psychological associate (LPA) under the supervision of a licensed psychologist is reimbursed to the licensed psychologist at 70 percent of the fee paid to the licensed psychologist for the same service.

We understand that Blue Cross Blue Shield has adopted the same percentage for reimbursing LPAs.
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