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Insurance and Billing
Companies Accepting LPAs on Their Panels
(Preliminary List)​


If you know of other Insurance Companies, please send the name totxapa@att.net​​
The Texas Insurance Code recognizes LPAs as practitioners who may be paid by insurance companies.

A pdf of the relevant parts of the Insurance Code is here.

The relevant ​​sections are 
Subchapter A. General Provisions
§1451.001. Definitions; Health Care Practitioners​:
(18) "Psychological Associates" . . . 
and ​
• Subchapter C. Selection Of Practitioners
§1451.123. Selection of Psychological Associate​.
TAPA ​​​drafted a letter to send to Insurance Companies when LPAs first gained the right to independent practice.

The text is here.

Not all of the letter is relevant now, but feel free to "borrow" points from the letter​ if any would help in your own contact with insurance companies.
Helpful Information from BHEC:
  • Comparison of LPAs and LPs​ is here.
  • ​A letter of support is here.
Many Insurance Companies are still unfamiliar with the credentials of LPAs.  It is still an education process.
The following may be helpful to give the companies more information about us.

If you think it would be helpful for TAPA to send a letter, please email the details to txapa@att.net.​​

If you are successful in being ​​accepted for reimbursement, please let us know so we can add the company to the list on the tight of this page.