Texas Association of Psychological Associates
Representing All Masters-Degreed Psychology Professionals in Texas

Benefits of membership
• Support for masters-degreed practitioners in psychology
• Information on topics important to you
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Email to request a mailed application: txapa@att.net

Write to request a mailed application:
Texas Association of Psychological Associates
PO Box 601374
Dallas, Texas 75360

Reasons to Join
• You are in a master's program in psychology being trained by psychologists.
• You want to provide psychological services in Texas at the master's level.
• You wish to have input into the future of your profession.
• You want a state organization that will advocate on behalf of master's in psychology and protect         their professional privileges.
• You believe psychology has as much or more to offer as other mental health disciplines at the             master's level.
• You want to learn or stay informed about state and national issues affecting the practice of                 psychology.
• You want to associate and/or network with practitioners in the field of psychology.
• You wish to ensure opportunity for individuals with master's in psychology.
• You are concerned about your educational investment and wish to secure the brightest future.
• You train students in master's program in psychology.
• You have strong feelings about the ethics of promoting and offering a master's program that                 leads to employment and opportunity upon completion.
• You are concerned about the profession of psychology losing valuable resources to other fields.
• You are concerned about the movement of the counseling profession away from psychology.
• You are interested in defining and shaping the future of psychological practice at the master's level.
P.O. Box 601374
Dallas, TX 75360

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