Texas Association of Psychological Associates
Representing All Masters-Degreed Psychology Professionals in Texas

TAPA Approves Professional Development Programs
Requirements for Approval of Professional Development
(formerly Continuing Education)

PD Recipients
    TAPA may approve Professional Development opportunities, as required by the Texas State Board of Examiners of Psychologists, for Licensed Psychologists, Licensed Psychological Associates, and Licensed Specialists in School Psychology.  

    The application form for the Approval of PD hours must be completed for each Program or Workshop, including resum├ęs and qualifications of the presenters, a syllabus of the program, and a copy of the flyer or brochure for the program.  Once your workshop is approved, TAPA must keep all the information on file for five years in case it is requested by the state professional board.

Additional Requirements
    The state professional board also requires that separate sign-in/sign-out sheets and evaluation forms be completed by each participant seeking PD hours.  TAPA will provide the sign-in sheets and also the evaluations.  They must be returned to TAPA, and TAPA must keep them on file, as well, to verify each individual's participation.

    TAPA requires a processing fee of $10.00 per person requesting a certificate.  This can be accomplished by a separate registration (which TAPA provides) for each individual participant who is paying the fee and by your organization collecting and forwarding the fee.  This allows only the individual participants who are licensed and who need the certificates to obtain the certificates.  Occasionally, an organizing agency or institution will ask to contract with TAPA to provide certificates for all the attendees, rather than to collect the fee for only those requesting certificates.  Questions concerning these arrangements should be directed to Betty Dawson at the email address listed below.

    TAPA will provide the certificates and will mail them to each of the participants who have requested the PD credits after the completion of the program.  The certificates are usually mailed within a week after the required documentation of attendance is received.  The certificates are mailed to individual participants who have requested them by completing the separate registration forms.

    At the presenters request, TAPA will include the program on their website with a link to the presenting organization or information on how to register under the Professional Development section of their Links section.  Information may be included in TAPA's newsletter with adequate advance notice and if it coincides with an issue.  TAPA's mailing list is not for sale.  Names and addresses of the licensees of each of the mental health licensing boards may be found on their websites.

    Contact Betty Dawson, Secretary, Texas Association of Psychological Associates, P.O. Box 601374, Dallas, TX  75360 or email txapa@att.net.