Texas Association of Psychological Associates
Representing All Masters-Degreed Psychology Professionals in Texas

About TAPA and LPAs
The Texas Association of Psychological Associates represents psychology practitioners licensed at the master's level. Licensed Psychological Associates provide a full range of psychological services, including assessment, consultation, and therapy.  

Psychological Associates have existed in Texas since the first law regulating psychology was passed over fifty years ago.  

TAPA's Mission:
• To provide professional development and representation of Psychological Associates          in Texas.
• To provide information to all members on interesting new research and innovative                practices.
• To promote the provision of high quality, culturally sensitive mental health services to            all segments of the population without regard to socio-economic status and in                  diverse and non-traditional settings.
• To encourage communication and cooperation among all members of the mental                  health community.
• To recognize the skills and expertise of all mental health practitioners.

• Advocates for your profession
• Keeps you informed on issues important to you
• Encourages communication among practitioners
• Promotes employment for masters-degreed psychological practitioners
• Approves Continuing Education opportunities

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​About Licensed Psychological Associates

Licensed Psychological Associates have a minimum of a master's degree in psychology and have passed the Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology. While Licensed Psychological 
Associates must initially practice under supervision, once qualified, they may engage in independent practice. To qualify for independent practice, a Licensed Psychological Associate must successfully complete at least 3,000 hours of real-world practice experience in 24 to 48 consecutive months. This experience must take place under the supervision of a licensed psychologist.

​​Similar to the other full licenses regulated by this agency (e.g., LPCs, LMFTs, LCSWs), Licensed 
Psychological Associates may have years of experience providing assessments leading to treatment plans and clinical interventions, counseling with individuals or groups, psychotherapy, behavior interventions for individuals with severe cognitive impairment, and prosocial plans for individuals on the autism spectrum.

​​Additionally, Licensed Psychological Associates have been expressly included in Sections 1451.001 and 1451.123 of the Texas Insurance Code and are 
recognized providers for Medicaid. ​​

Licensed Psychological Associates  practice only within their area(s) of competency.
Currently, they may NOT conduct child custody or adoption evaluations, competency or insanity evaluations, or fitness-for-duty evaluations for law enforcement personnel. According to the relevant statutes and regulations governing these evaluations, licensed psychologists are the only providers licensed by this agency who are permitted to conduct these evaluations. [These are not rules passed by the TSBEP, but are rules or regulations specific to these evaluations.] ​​

The Behavioral Health Executive Council (BHEC) has created this document to further explain the differences in the education and training between Licensed Psychological Associates and Licensed Psychologists.​​

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