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Representing All Masters-Degreed Psychology Professionals in Texas

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The TSBEP's current Rules may always be found here.
The TSBEP no longer prints and mails a Rule Book, but will be updating the online Rule Book, following the approval of Rule changes at the TSBEP meetings.
Guidelines for selecting Ethics CE acceptable to the TSBEP have been posted.
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TSBEP Newsletters

2017-TSBEP Newsletter-Nov09.pdf
     • Update Regarding Providers Seeking to Practice in Disaster Areas
     • Disciplinary Actions

2017-TSBEP Newsletter-May11.pdf
    • TSBEP Votes in Support of the Texas Behavioral Health Executive Council
     • Disciplinary Actions

2017-TSBEP Newsletter V31, N2-Spring.pdf
    • Board Welcomes New General Counsel
     • Governor Abbott Appoints Three New Members to the Texas State Board of  
           Examiners of Psychologists
     • Disciplinary Actions

2016-TSBEP Newsletter V31, No1Rev-Winter.pdf

2016-TSBEP Newsletter V30, No1-Summer.pdf

2016-TSBEP Newsletter V29, N2-Spring.pdf

2015-TSBEP Newsletter V29, N1-Winter.pdf

2015-TSBEP Newsletter-V28, N2-Spring.pdf

2014-TSBEP Newsletter-V28, N1-Winter.pdf

2014-TSBEP Newsletter-V27, N2-Spring.pdf

2013-TSBEP Newsletter-V27, N1, Winter.pdf

2013-TSBEP Newsletter-V26, N2-Summer.pdf

2012-TSBEP Newsletter-V26 N1-Winter.pdf

2012-TSBEP Newsletter-V25, N2-Fall.pdf

2011-TSBEP Newsletter, V25, N1-Winter.pdf

2011-TSBEP Newsletter-V24, N2-Fall.pdf

2010-TSBEP Newsletter-V23, N2-Summer.pdf

2010-TSBEP Newsletter-V23, N1-Spring.pdf

2009-TSBEP Newsletter-V22, N2-Spring.pdf

2009-TSBEP Newsletter-V22, N1-Winter.pdf

2008-TSBEP Newsletter-V21, N2-Fall.pdf

2008-TSBEP Newsletter-V21, N1-Spring.pdf

2007-TSBEP Newsletter-V20, N2-Summer.pdf

2006-TSBEP Newsletter-V20, N1-Winter.pdf

2006-TSBEP Newsletter-V19, N2-Summer.pdf

2005-TSBEP Newsletter-V19, N1-Winter

2005-TSBEP Newsletter-V18, N2-Summer.pdf

2004-TSBEP Newsletter-V18, N1-Winter.pdf

2004-TSBEP Newsletter-V17, N2-Summer.pdf

2003-TSBEP Newsletter-V17, N1-Winter.pdf

2003-TSBEP Newsletter-V16, N2-Summer.pdf

2002-TSBEP Newsletter-V16, N1-Winter.pdf

2002-TSBEP Newsletter-V15, N2-Summer.pdf

2001-TSBEP Newsletter-V15, N1-Winter.pdf

2001-TSBEP Newsletter-V14, N1-Summer.pdf

2000-TSBEP Newsletter-V13, N1-Summer.pdf

1999-TSBEP Newsletter-V12, N2-December.pdf

1999-TSBEP Newsletter-V12, N1-Spring.pdf

1998-TSBEP Newsletter-V11, N2-Fall.pdf

1998-TSBEP Newsletter-V1, N1-Spring.pdf

1997-TSBEP Newsletter-V10, N2-Fall.pdf