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The TSBEP's current Rules may always be found here.
The TSBEP no longer prints and mails a Rule Book, but will be updating the online Rule Book, following the approval of Rule changes at the TSBEP meetings.
Guidelines for selecting Ethics CE acceptable to the TSBEP have been posted.
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After a process taking several years, New Supervision Rules for several Licensee groups have been passed.  They are scattered through several sections of the TSBEP's Rules.  To review them, click the link above to the current Rules.

New Mandatory Rules regarding continuing education.

These Rules were posted on September 26, 2013.
A pdf with the major changes highlighted is here.
The Rules in Administrative Code, the authoritative source, are here.

We encourage all licensees to review all the rules to be sure they are in compliance.

Following is a list of the major changes:

• Continuing Education is now called Professional Development.

• Every Licensee is required to obtain 20 hours of Professional Development every year.

• The requirement for 20 hours of Professional Development takes effect on October 1, 2014. (If you renew your license in October, November or December then you will be required to have 20 hours of Professional Development when you renew in 2014. If you have already renewed in 2013, then you will not be required to complete 20 hours until your renewal date after October 1, 2014.)

• 3 hours of Ethics are still required every year

• 3 hours of Cultural Diversity are required every year
• Cultural Diversity includes, but is not limited to
• age,
• disability,
• ethnicity,
• gender,
• gender identity,
• language,
• national origin,
• race,
• religion,
• culture,
• sexual orientation, and
• social economic status

• Effective on October 1, 2014, of the 20 hours required, at least 10 hours must be obtained from or endorsed by

• national, regional, state, or local psychological associations,

• public school districts,

• regional service centers for public school districts, or

• psychology programs at regionally accredited institutions of higher education.

• The remaining 10 hours may be obtained from other formally organized groups providing professional development that is directly related to the practice of psychology. Examples of such providers include:

• public or private institutions, professional associations, and training institutes devoted to the study or practice of particular areas or fields
of psychology;

• professional associations relating to other mental health professions such as psychiatry, counseling, or social work; and

• state or federal agencies.

Of interest to
The TSBEP made a Request for an Attorney General's Opinion in February, 2011, concerning the use of the NCSP.  The Request may be read here.

The Opinion was issued in December, 2011.  The Summary states, "The Psychologists' Licensing Act does not prohibit a Licensed Specialist in School Psychology who has obtained the necessary credentials from the appropriate accrediting organization from using the term 'Nationally Certified School Psychologist' as a professional descriptor.  A rule by the Board of Examiners of Psychologists that would allow such use would not by virtue of that fact violate the Act.  The entire Opinion can be read here.
Remember - It continues to be a violation of the Rules to use the title NCSP, until the Rules are changed.